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Perennial Soaps

Lovesick Bar Soap

Lovesick Bar Soap

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The Hawaiian Plumeria is said to smell like no other flower. We threw in a dash of orange because like a new relationship, there's no such thing as too sweet.

Packaging Options:
Boxed and Branded - Your bars will be packaged in our signature half boxes. The top is open so customers can smell them and the bottom is boxed to keep your shelving and displays tidy.

Private Label - Your bars will arrive unboxed AKA naked. This allows you to package and brand them as you please. You will be provided a full ingredient list here in the listing and packaged with the soaps. When purchasing private label bars you agree to follow local labeling regulations. Our bars are hand cut and typically weigh between 4.8-5.5oz.
♥ 100% vegan and palm oil-free
♥ Each batch is handmade - your soap will look similar to the product picture with one-of-a-kind swirls and texture.

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