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Desert Sage + Saguaro Bar Soap

Desert Sage + Saguaro Bar Soap

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Limited Edition!

Inspired by the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, this scent highlights the delicately sweet and woody fragrance notes found in arid environments. Cedarwood, frankincense, juniper berry, cactus flower, desert sage, vetiver, and black pepper comprise this scent. Made with pumice and red clay, this fragrance is reminiscent of those hot hikes without the sunburn.

Size: 4oz bar
Scent Detail: Green, herbaceous, dusty. Top notes of cactus flesh, succulent garden, lemon peel and desert lavender, middle notes of desert sage, eucalyptus, wild mint, juniper berry and fir needle, bottom of sun bleached wood, cedarwood, vetiver, frankincense, clary sage and orris root.

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