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David Greek Vase

David Greek Vase

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The wonderfully sculpted ceramic David vase head - a utilitarian piece of art that adds culture and elegance to any home decor - is now available. This sculpture can hold a small plant, make up brushes, pens opening it to endless possibilities for creating one-of-a-kind and magnificent displays.

Searching for a lovely and functional desk or beauty station decor piece? Have a look at Michelangelo's David Face Vase. Inspired by the famous David statue, this small face sculpture features intricate details and a serene expression that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Made from durable resin material, this vase is perfect for holding small plants, pens and pencils, and makeup brushes, providing a practical storage solution for your daily essentials.

Important characteristics include:

- The base is intricately carved with flowers and foliage.
- Resin structure that is both long-lasting and weather-resistant
- Details that are both realistic and appealing
- 5.9 inch

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